Our Focus

Public Health and Safety

The SVCC seeks to work with fellow community members towards a safer, healthier and more secure community. From projects like South Vallejo's National Night Out, which raises awareness of anti-crime police programs, to community watch programs and community conversations, the SVCC aims to bring our community together to protect residents' health and safety.

Economic Development

Nearly 1 in 5 residents in our community live below the poverty line. The SVCC seeks a brighter, more prosperous economic future for South Vallejo by encouraging the creation of job-creating enterprises that revitalize unused or underused sites, reduce blight and most importantly, put our neighbors in need back to work.


The SVCC knows the importance of safe, quality housing for our residents. The SVCC will collaborate with non-profit organizations and entities that both improve the quality of housing for our residents, and connect those who need housing with programs and opportunities to find a safe place to live, whether it be those in the recovery & re-entry stages or seniors and low-income families in need.

Children and Youth

The SVCC knows our youth are our future. One of our founding organizers, a non-profit organization that brings after-school mentoring and tutoring programs to low-income neighborhoods, seeks to further promote the well-being of our youth through the SVCC by providing services and support of our neighborhood schools.